How do I buy an NFT on OpenSea?

  1. Create a wallet for your cryptocurrency; recommend MetaMask as it integrates easily with the OpenSea marketplace
  2. Move US$ into your wallet 
  3. Buy Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency
  4. If you have ETH in another crypto wallet, recommend that you transfer some ETH to your MetaMask wallet
  5. Add “extension” on your computer browser for MetaMask
  6. Go to and create your profile; make sure your wallet is linked
  7. Check out the AUDL MoMintz collection; you will see the MoMintz that have already been sold and any Newly Minted
  8. Get ready to buy your AUDL MoMintz at the next “drop” (i.e. offer for sale)

OpenSeas also has their own tutorials including how to make an account.

We also have a google presentation here. That walks you through the process.

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